Minal VIradia

              All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.          

Prepare yourself for corona-virus

There is new epidemic called Coronavirus. It started in China. This virus can infect humans and animals

How to boost immune system against coronavirus

Here are some tips to boost immune system against coronavirus

Food to avoid during pregnancy

During pregnancy, you might think you should eat everything!! Also you don’t want your baby to deprived of nutrients. Therefore, it is important to eat a healthy diet during pregnancy..

Amazing health benefits of Laughing

It is fun to share laughter around, but do you know it improves our health, there are amazing health benefits of laughing. But nowadays people forgot to laugh.

Weight control during pregnancy

During pregnancy we want every thing to be perfect for our self and our growing baby...

Why you should not reuse the deep fried oil??

Everyone loves to eat deep-fried food. People eat deep-fried food just for pleasure without thinking about their health....

Dallas Zoo

Dallas is 106 acre area vise located in south Dallas, Texas. Est in 1888. it is oldest in largest zoological park……..  

NASA--Kennedy space center

i have been in Orlando since 2 years, KSC is 40 min drive from my recident. but i nevere went there……..

Klyde Warren Park

Last week i visited klyde warren park. This park is so amazing, where you can spend your whole day or your weekend evening