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12 delicious high protein food for vegan

Our whole body is made up of a protein called an Amino Acid. Protein is an essence of our body, it involves muscles, organs, skin, hormones, and pretty much everything that in your body.

Sugar? No Thank You. Is sugar bad?

Eating or drinking too much sugar affects the immune system, and this effect lasts for several hours.

Food to avoid during pregnancy

During pregnancy, you might think you should eat everything!! Also you don’t want your baby to deprived of nutrients. Therefore, it is important to eat a healthy diet during pregnancy..

How anxiety can impact the health of your gut and brain?

Have you ever had gut-feeling or butterflies in your stomach? or does certain situations make you nervous? or in some situations you need to run for..

Weight control during pregnancy

During pregnancy we want every thing to be perfect for our self and our growing baby...

COFFEE » Strengths & Weaknesses for your health

Coffee has a high level of anti-oxidant and beneficial nutrients. But caffeine can negatively affect our health if it is not consumed in a moderation....

Dallas Zoo

Dallas is 106 acre area vise located in south Dallas, Texas. Est in 1888. it is oldest in largest zoological park……..  

NASA--Kennedy space center

i have been in Orlando since 2 years, KSC is 40 min drive from my recident. but i nevere went there……..

khandvi, a kind of rolled pasta

Khandvi is very popular snacks of Gujarat, India. It is yellowish, tightly rolled bite-sized pieces and is primarily made of gram flour and yogurt…