NASA visit, a well spent day

Hey guys, Today I am writing about my recent visit to Kennedy Space Center, NASA. IMG-20181224-WA0014 I have been in Orlando since 2yrs, KSC is 40 min drive from my resident but I never went there but today me an my friends made a plan to visit the space center. And believe me it’s  worth it to visit and know about the space operations of NASA. We only had 5 hrs instead of A FULL DAY. We missed 3 wonderful exhibits. Usually, the visiting hours is  from 9 am to 7 pm. But occasionally it closes around 6 p.m.. So initially we planned that we could make it by 10 a.m. but usually our plans never goes as we planned. Now if you are planning to visit NASA please reach there on time. Our first visit was “space shuttle Atlantis-with shuttle launch Experience”, which takes 2 hrs to explore. The exhibit was fantastic and we saw a real Atlantis shuttle that flew to space 33 times. Also you can experience actual space craft take off and whole ride by sight, sound and sensation. What a ride! It is easy to enjoy but you will really appreciate astronaut’s bravery and dedication. We should really appreciate persistence hard work of our great scientists who build this amazing space craft for 12 year. Our second stop was “Imax Theater”. NASA has really outdone itself in terms of providing 3-D and 4-D experiences for visitors. Choose from two incredible themed film where you can get unforgettable experience of space by some video clips and incredible images of space. it was all informative and educational. IMG-20181226-WA0009 Mars Rover vehicle navigator Screenshot_20181227-180101_Video Player Kennedy space center bus tour, get access the restricted area of Kennedy space center. Get an opportunity to see the Saturn V space craft and the real Moon stone and Mars stone. You can see the original launch pad from where the real space craft take off. Unfortunately we were not able to take the bus tour due to lake of time. Then we had some fun at KSC Step. Power. Launch! be among the first to add your footprint to the walkway of Piezoelectric technology, designed to generate power from every step you take. n1 n2 If you’re lucky enough to time your holiday with a rocket launch then go for it ! That’s all about NASA. Hope you like it. I have covered what i saw. If you have any question ask me in comment below or send me a quick email and follow me on Instagram. See you soon. Instagram: @minalviradia Email ID: