Skin Care, why it’s necessary?

Skin is largest organ in human body. It is important to take care of it in our busy scheduled life. Healthy skin produces vitamin D when it exposed to sun, and vitamin D is very important for human body.

Taking care of your skin against harmful sun rays or gentle cleansing can keep your skin healthy and glowing. Good skin care and healthy life style actually delay the ageing process and prevent various skin problems. Routine is key to happiness and success as well. No matter how tiered you are you must stick to your routine.

Is there particular order to taking care of skin??? Are there??? I don’t know. Well! There might be or might not be. But famous dermatologist have their words on this topic. They say there should be particular order of taking care of skin and if you follow them you will defiantly get result in terms of healthy and glowing skin

What skin care routine should be,


In the morning, wash your face with splash of water and use any good product and rube it on your finger tips gently for minute than wash with cold water.


Exfoliation not only clear out clogged pores but is also help in get ride off dead skin. When you remove the dull skin layer, your skin tone brighten up. There is no need to exfoliate your skin daily, you can do one or two times a week. Specially the person with sensitive skin should go gentle while scrubbing and do once a week.


The purpose of toner is to replenish and nourish your skin after cleanser. There are tones of different toner out there, but it is important to use right toner for your skin whether your skin is dry or oily or normal, you have to select right one. And the toner actually prepare your skin to absorb following treatment.


Serum is an active ingredient which reaches deeply in to your skin and helps to restore  the cell growth. They also helps brightening the complexion and help in anti-aging process as well. I recommend to use antioxidant serum which provide tones of benefits for your skin.

Eye cream

What actually eye cream do, well! it can do anything that matters skin around your eye from fine lines to dark circles. If you are not a big fan of eye cream I suggest you use least at night time, if not twice a day. It really hydrate skin around your eye. The eyelid skin doesn’t lose laxity easily and it smooths appearance later on. Keep one thing in mind, nothing is going to happen overnight. You should be consistent. You can take extra care by using eye cream with SPF and wear goggles to protect from harsh sun-rays.


Yes, everyone needs a moisturizer, even you have oily skin. Moisturizer protect your skin from dirt, pollution and chemicals. Experts suggested that you should use moisturizer when your skin is damp, its means right after serum. Simply it locks the skin’s moister and prevent them from dryness. Hydration givers you younger looking skin from all age.

7 Sunscreen

Sunscreen should be last step in day skin care routine. I recommend to use sunscreen which contain zinc. Because zinc is safe, effective and provide broadest spectrum protection against  UV rays.

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