Detox your mind and body

As feeding your body through healthy food and positive thoughts are important,  detoxification is also important to clear out toxic substance from your body and your mind as well.

Detoxification is removal of toxic substance.

We need to detox by two ways,

  • Physically
  • Mentally

Very often, we are exposed with so many chemicals through food supply, air we breath, common items we use in our day to day activities including cosmetics and household cleaners.

Detoxification process ranges from total starvation(fast) to liquid diet(fruit juice) and from food modification to medication (such as laxatives, diuretic, etc..).

Detoxification can happen by gut, kidney, liver and lung through their elimination process.


  • Liver

More than 90% alcohol metabolize from your liver. Mild to moderate alcohol is beneficial to your health but excessive alcohol  damages your liver and slows down your detoxification process.

  • Quality sleep

      Adequate sleep allows your brain to recharge, reorganize and eliminate toxin which gets accumulated through out day.

       You should sleep seven to nine hours to promote good health. During sleep one of protein called beta-amyloid clear out, which is responsible to develop Alzheimer’s diseases. lack of sleep has been shown to elevate brain beta-amyloid level in mice.

  • Drink more water

Drinking more water plays important role in detoxification through urine and sweating. Daily requirement for adult male 3.7 liters(15 cups) and adult female 2.7 liters(11 cups), it might be high or low depends on where you live, your activity level, temperature of area you live and your diet.

  • Avoid sugar and junk food

     Excessive junk and sugary food promotes chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity. These conditions impairs the function of detoxifying organs such as kidney and liver. 

  • Food rich in antioxidant

   Having a meal rich in antioxidant helps your body to fight oxidation stress cause by free radicals and toxin that increases risk for disease.

      Berries, fruits, nuts, cocoa, vegetables, spices, and beverages like coffee and green tea have some of the highest amounts of antioxidants.

  • Prebiotic and Probiotic

      Gut health is also important in terms of detoxification. Eat food which has healthy bacteria such as onion, garlic, asparagus, banana, apple and greens as prebiotics and yogurt, kombucha and pickles cucumber as probiotic.

  • Activity

      Regular physical activity lowers your inflammation and allow your body to detoxifies the toxin.

      At least 150 to 300 min moderate to intensive exercise is recommended.

  • Less salt intake 

       Excess salt intake increases the water retention. Too much  salt is act as poison to your body.

So limit your salt intake specially if you have kidney and liver diseases.  

  • Diet
  •  Start your day with luck warm water with fresh lemon juice
  •  Drink freshly made vegetable juice.
  •  Drink green tea and herbal tea
  •  Eat more fruit, vegetable and herb
  •  Minimize all white substance from your diet such as salt, refine sugar, white flour(all purpose flour), white rice and dairy product intake

Mental detoxification

  •     Think positive
  •     Make meditation part of your life
  •     Do yoga, pranayama and exercise 3-4 times a week
  •     Unplug from technology at least 30-40 min prior to bed time
  •     Spend some quality time with your loved one
  •     Plan a vacation or go for rode trip
  •     Reading a book
  •     Let go and express your feeling
  •     Give a call to your old friends

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