How to plan pregnancy?

Are you planning your pregnancy? Than you must have so many queries in your mind.

Am I ready for pregnancy?

What kind of precaution do I need to take?

Are we fit for pregnancy?

What kind of food we need to eat?

And so on....

Pregnancy is beautiful moment of every couple’s life, the feeling no one can explain. Its mile stone for every couple.

Pregnancy is most magical time for every couple. Feeling baby grow inside, wondering how he or she will look like, knowing that one day you are going to hold them in your hands is one of the most amazing time women can experience. Love, anticipation, anxiety are magical phase of pregnancy.

Today’s life is so fast. No one have time for take good care of their body. And due to their way of living, so many couple have suffer with conceiving their pregnancy.

There are some factors ,

  1. Age

                  Age affects the fertility of both male and female. Age is the biggest factor affects the chance to conceive baby and  having healthy baby. Women’s fertility decreases with age, it starts to decline after 30s and get worse after 35.

2.  Diet

                  You are, what you eat. Diet plays an important role in balancing our body hormones. In today’s fast track lifestyle, we really do not have a time for eating our meal on time or chewing our food.

We are just stuffing our mouth, we actually don’t feel the texture of food, smell of food or don’t know how it look like.

Here are some important things you must know about diet,

  • No package food
  • Eat according to season like fruits, vegetables
  • Introduce pickles and chatney in your diet (chatney made up from coconut, peanuts, sesame seeds, etc..
  • Have pro biotic in your home (curd/ yogurt). It provides you gut friendly bacteria which is loaded with amino acid and vitamin B

3. Exercise and Activity

  • Activity

                     Activity can often get mixed up with exercise. Activity is what you do in your day to day life which is not planed. Like you stand and sit, walk around your house or office. Just 15 min walk after a day will decrease the chance of cardiac disease and other illness.

  • Exercise

                     Exercise is planed, structural, repetitive and intentional movement intended to improve and maintain physical activity. Moderate physical activity can improve the chance of     having baby. With obese and PCOS women regular exercise can increase the frequency of ovulation and have regular menstrual cycle. As ovulation become more regular, and the chance to get more pregnant often.

                      Exercise and Activity also help  after you conceive. It helps you in anxiety and  stress relieves. It also prepare your body for the changes happening during your pregnancy journey and during labor. It also regulate your insulin and thyroid level during your pregnancy.

The thing you must know is that, without stimuli of exercise on weight bearing joints, your body will not absorb the sufficient amount of Calcium whether it comes form food or from supplements.

4. Lifestyle

           Lifestyle is how you live your life with discipline, regularity in your day to day life in terms of sleeping habits, eating style and physical activity.

There are few things where you need to put attention, like

  • Alcohol and Smoking

           Alcohol really impairs your hormonal level. In men, alcohol impairs fertility because it can cause impotence and affects sperm quality. In women, binge drinking can cause miscarriage, still birth, premature birth and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).

Smoking in men and women, takes longer time to get pregnant than non smokers. It affects the quality of egg and sperm.

  • Caffeine

                      Tea, coffee and soda contain caffeine. Small amount will not affect your               fertility, but its better to have in limited amount. It may affect your egg quality

  •  Sleep and stress

            Lack of sleep affects the fertility related  hormones,  specially the hormones which triggers the ovulation process in women and sperm maturation process in men.

            Stress in relationship or from work or from anything else, its not worth to have it. A recent study shows that women with high level of alpha amylase, that enzyme correlate with stress, have harder time to get pregnant.

            Women with infertility report elevated levels of anxiety and depression, so it is clear that infertility causes stress.

5. Toxin

                      In today’s life, we tends to get expose with so many toxins from air, water processed food, and also common items we use in our day to day activity including cosmetics and household cleaners.

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