Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is an important task to do in our day to day activity. I know what you are  thinking, you already know about all the stuff. But there might be some stuff you don’t know.

Personal hygiene is how we take care of our body, these includes washing hands, brushing your teeth, taking bath, etc…

Every day we come in contact with so many bacteria, viruses and fungi. By taking care of body we can prevent so many illnesses.

Practicing good body hygiene help you feel good, which is important for mental health.

Here are some ways,

  1. Taking shower

                         Wash your body and your hair often weather in morning or night or any time. Our skin tends get ride of thin skin layer eventually, which is dead skin. If dead skin come across with serious bacteria, virus and fungi, it can cause serious illness. By taking shower with good soap we can get ride this harmful organisms.

                        Taking bath just not improve your physical health but also help in mental health. If you look fresh and good, you also feel fresh and happy.

2. Brush and floss your teeth

                          Brushing your teeth is smart way to prevent cavities, bad breath and gum disease. Ideally we should brush our teeth after every meal or minimum once or twice a day. And visit your dentist once a regularly.

3. Trim your nail

                          Trim your nail or give a good shape. Because dirt can accumulate in your nail, and if you don’t trim your nail the bacteria starts to grow in your nail and this can cause infection. Untrimmed or dirty nail can spread infection from one orifice of your body to other orifice. You should also avoid biting your nails. And keep your nails short and trim them often.

4. Wash your hand

                                     wash your hand before preparing food, before eating, after using toilet, after handling garbage, after sneezing or coughing. It is important to wash your hand after doing such thing to prevent contamination of viruses and bacteria. Or it is good have some alcohol based sanitizer or soap, when water is not available

5. Wearing clean cloths

                                      Wearing clean and washed cloth is as importance as washing your hand. Wearing dirty cloth can be a warm place for microorganism to grow, and it can cause some skin infection and it can also cause foul smell.

6. Sickness hygiene

                           if you are not feeling well, you should take some extra care of your self so infection doesn’t spread to others.

  • cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing
  • if you have fever, you should wash your bedding and cloth after your recover
  • Wipe the surface of laptop and electronics using antibiotic wipes.

These little things play an important role in maintaining your health. In day to day activity we might neglect this things at some level, but every habit has their own importance.

  • Side effects of poor hygiene

                               Good personal hygiene habit is directly related to good health and less illness. Poor hygiene may leads to minor effect like, body odors and greasy skin but it can lead to some serious illness.

Example, if you don’t wash your hand. The bacteria  and germs can easily transfer to  your mouth and your eyes and it can lead to stomach infection, pinky and itchy eyes.

Poor hygiene can also affect your self esteem. Looking and feeling good and presentable can really boost your confidence level.

Poor hygiene can cause some serious illness like,

  1. Food poisoning
  2. Skin infection
  3. Body lice
  4. Head lice
  5. Worm infection
  6. Rashes

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