Have a talk with little one inside you

Shuuuuuuuu……silence, our little one can hear you from inside. Yes, you heard it right. Your baby who is growing inside you has full developed auditory system when he/she turned 25 weeks. and they respond the outside voice. let me tell you how to talk with little one inside you.

The most significant sound your baby can hear in the womb is your voice. And at the third trimester, your baby can already recognize it.

There are other sounds baby can hear that might you are not aware of it. These sounds are your heartbeats, bowel sound, and your breathing sound.

Scientist have recorded that baby can clearly respond to different sounds and vibrations with change in their heart rate or movement patterns and particularly respond to their mother’s voice. This has led them to conclude that your unborn baby learns to recognize and remember your voice during your pregnancy.

By the third trimester, the baby can respond to your voice although he/she can not hear clearly, it will muffle. He/she can recognize the sound of who is around you like your partner’s voice.

  • How to bond with your baby

The sound of your voice has the most calming effect on your unborn baby.

Fetus and newborn heart rates decreased when their mother spoke – possibly a sign of relaxation.

This might seems silly but talking and singing to your bump helps you to create a bond between you and your baby. Your can also rub your hand on bump. This makes him/her emotionally secure. If you are not comfortable with it than don’t worry. Your baby constantly hears you by your voice and vibration of your voice. Some mother loves to make her baby to hear some classical music.

  • Bonding with dad 

Daddy has to make a little bit more effort, but if he talks to the bump it helps him to create a bond. Daddy can always sing a rhyme and tell a story. or he can talk about his day to baby. He can also interact with the baby by rubbing the bump.

You can also ask your husband to give you a belly massage or an occasional kiss on the bump can also have a very positive effect on the baby in the womb.

  • Bonding with siblings

Let the sibling know that he/she having a little brother and sister with whom you have to share your doll or toys and most importantly your mother and father. Someone who will going to play with you, run around with, talk and tall secret with. Show them sonogram of baby who is yet to come, point out the baby’s eyes, nose, etc.. and give them positive vibes about little one.

Encourage them to talk to the bump now and then. Ask them to say a story or sing a rhyme for a baby. Allow them to feel the bump while baby move and kicks.

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