hygiene about your private part

Hygiene is what important things we can do to our body. There are many ways to keep our body hygienic. But today I am going to take about hygiene of our private parts.

Private parts are genitals, buttocks, and breasts. This parts we generally cover with piece of cloth.

Mostly genitals are the area that requires extra attention. Genitals covers the reproductive system and urinary system. Which covers parts like urethra, vagina, clitoris, and penis.

Genital hygiene is very important to prevent infection from developing and spreading. how to get hygiene of private part

Hygiene in men

  • Clean: The penis, anus and scrotal area should be clean once a day. Cleaning should be done by warm water, no need to use any soap or cleanser. Especially in uncircumcised men make sure the head of the penis should be clean properly. If you choose soap than it should be gentle and perfume free.
  • Trimming: it might seem little wired but trimming of pubic hair also keeps your pubic area clean. If you do not trim bacteria and fungus might accumulate and provide area to grow them, it make you itch in that area.
  • After sex: it is necessary to wash the head of your penis with warm water to prevent fungal growth and unpleasant odor.
  • Underwear: Wear clean, dry, and fresh underwear daily. Make the right choice in buying your underwear. Cotton is the right choice, you can’t go wrong with it. Cotton is the most breathable fabric which keeps your skin dry. It also holds your sweat, so you don’t have to worry about building up a foul smell. 

  Hygiene in women                     

   From puberty onward, feminine hygiene is a big deal.

  • Clean: clitoris, urethra, and anus should be clean once a day. Cleaning should be done by warm water, or if you want to use some kind of cleansers or shop than it must be perfume-free and gentle for your genitals. The cleaning should be done from front to back motion to avoid the bacterial contact between anus and vagina or urethra
  • Inside of vagina doesn’t need that much cleaning, because it has a natural balance substance to protect against infection. Washing interferes with its natural defense mechanism. 
  • After sex: cleaning must be done after sexual intercourse.
  • During menstruation: staying hygienic during the menstrual period is very important. Avoid tight clothing and fabrics that don’t have room to breath, like synthetic one, these can cause moister and heat and in this conditions bacteria tend to thrive. So try to avoid those and stick to loose and cotton cloth to stay dry and fresh. Change your pad every 4 hr.

Poor genital hygiene may lead to some serious infections. So make sure it comes in your daily activity as taking shower, brushing your teeth, etc..

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