Leaking from breast during pregnancy

During pregnancy, we get some different experience, which we never got before. One of them is water leaking from the breast. You might wonder why this happening to me? Is this normal? why leakage happening before delivery? is it a warning sign? Should I call a doctor?

During pregnancy, our body is preparing for delivery and nursing our little one after delivery. As our journey passes to words delivery certain changes are happening throughout.

Since we got pregnant our breast start to have some changes. Like, they get bigger, they get heavier, tender to touch, leakage of yellow sticky fluid, get stretch mark.

What is leakage called?

Fluid leakage from breast during pregnancy is known as Colostrum. Colostrum is slight yellowing in color and sticky in consistency. It is prepared in the form of the first meal of our little one after delivery. Colostrum is rich in the antibody, which is going to be a superfood for a baby until real milk starts to come.

When does it start to produce?

Colostrum is started to form in the first trimester, but mom to be usually doesn’t start leaking breast milk until the end of pregnancy or after delivery.

Why leakage happens?

Your breast leaking colostrum because of Prolactin, the hormone responsible for milk production. The reason for low milk production during early pregnancy because of the high level of estrogen and progesterone levels. If Prolactin little outpace those of estrogen and progesterone, colostrum can leak out bit. And it is completely normal, nothing to worry.

How can I make sure it is colostrum?

See inside your bra, if you see small yellow or orange stain than defiantly it is colostrum. If there is no stain than don’t worry try to squeeze your areola, it will ooze out. Still, you got nothing, don’t worry you will get after delivery.

What should I do if it access?

Its leakage is too much, wear a nursing pad inside your bra.

Should I consult a Doctor?

It is good to consult a doctor, If you notice to much flow, more than a few drops and/or if the colostrum is bloody.

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