6 Wellness tips for winter

After living in Texas, the summer was so harsh and hot. I was waiting for winter. But as winter starts we see the advertisement of flu shots. Because winter comes not only with coziness but it also comes with so much illnesses.

So by making some changes in our day to day activity we can protect ourselves from falling sick.

1.vitamin D

                       Winter is a time where you might not find sunshine or if you get some you might not get vitamin D due to your warm winter clothes that can block light to your skin. Vitamin D plays a vital role in bones health, immunity strength and cognitive functions. Though it is the easiest and cheapest way to get a daily dose by exposing to the sun for some time, up to 70% of people are not getting this important vitamin in winter. So make sure to expose your self to sun or take a supplement.

2. Stay active 

              During winter, people find themselves some sort of seasonal depression. Due to less daylight, feeling cozy at home we tend to get lazy and pass our day by sitting on the couch and watching TV. This will cause you low digestive functions, feeling low or sort of depressed.

3. Have a little walk

               During winter going outside is list favorite thing you want to do but believe me just having 10 minute walk during daylight can really boost your mood and support your immune system, if there is sun in the sky than you can also get some vitamin D. Taking deep breath in open air can actually switch your nervous system into relax state. 

4. Don’t forget to hydrate

                           Hydration is the most important key to staying healthy. During winter due to less heat, you might not feel thirsty as compare to summer but it doesn’t mean your body doesn’t require enough water during winter. Thirst is the key indicator that your body is needs water. Sometimes people avoid drinking water to just avoid going pee often. So stay hydrated during winter.

5. Eat right(eat rainbow)

                            Eating wholesome veggies like all colored veggies is a good idea to stay fit. I know it is not a season where you can get all fresh produce but try to include frozen veggies as well. Because it is important to get all vitamins and mineral.

6. Washing hands

                          Washing hands regularly is a good idea to prevent disease from spreading. it is a good idea to have some kind of antibacterial hand sanitizer at work, at school, in car, etc… And make sure you do not touch your eye, nose, ear, and mouth often.

Wish you a warm and happy winter filled with self can and self-love

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