5 ways to increase your food value

Many thing we need to know about our food, there are certain ways to increase your food’s nutrition value. As we know for balanced life you have to do thease 3 things,

Here today I am going to talk about our diet. We all try to eat a balanced diet in our routine life because we know it’s importance. But do we know how much nutrients our body can absorb from food we eat?

I did a little bit of research here and the study says just little bit of effort we can actually increase our food value and can get most of the benefits.

1. Do not boil your vegetable

             Boiling your vegetable decreases 60% of your food’s nutrition value especially vitamin B and Vitamin C. because these two vitamins are water-soluble, and by boiling theses vegetable it gets washed off and we are left with nothing.

             The best method of cooking your vegetable is steaming, grill, stir fry or in some case microwaving.

             If you boil your spinach for blanching, you will lost most of it vitamin B and folate. But instead of boiling if you microwave then spinach retaines nearly all of its folate.

2. Citrus

                       As you all know spinach is a very good source of folate or iron. But the fact is our body does not absorb 100% of it. So for that you make salad out of it and dress your greens with orange juice, little citrusy make it more absorbable.

3. Vitamin C

           Any kind of legume is a very good source of iron but it contains Phytate which is the substance who impairs the iron absorption. So be sure you consume this items with food that enhances the absorption.

          If you are preparing the meal from legumes than be sure to add tomato or tomato sauce (vitamin C from tomato helps you absorb iron from legumes).        

4. Soaking 

          I think soaking is a traditional method which our ancestors have been following for generations, but they might not know the scientific reason behind it but they used to soak their nuts, seeds, beans, and grain. Minimum 2-hour soaking increases foods nutrition value and makes them more absorbable.

          There are certain enzymes like phytate, tannins, and polyphenol are found in grains and beans which make them less absorbable in small intestine, so by soaking them this enzyme gets released and makes it more absorbable.

          In protein, soaking makes more absorption, removes hard gas which makes you bloating, reduces any nutritional enzymes, and also reduces the cooking time.

5. Spices (Oregano, cinnamon, and clove)

                    Dry oregano is 4- 40 times higher in antioxidant than other herbs, fruits, and vegetables. So its a good news for pizza lovers and pasta lovers who loves to eat this foods with this herbs and if you don’t start eating them with this herbs.

                     Study shows oregano has 42 times more antioxidants than Apple, 30 times more than potato, 12 times more than oranges and 4 times more times berries.

                     You can consume oregano by adding in your curry, pasta or infuse it with hot water and have a cup of highly antioxidant tea.

You can do the same with cinnamon and clove, they are also high in antioxidant. by adding pinch of cinnamon or clove in you oatmeal you can make your breakfast super nourish-able to your body.

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