5 food you should eat everyday

There are few food category we should make sure we consume on a regular bases. Here i am going to share 5 foods you should eat everyday

1. Probiotics

                     Consume probiotics in your meal on regular bases is so beneficial because good gut health is a gateway for good health. 70% disease start from our intestine. You can have probiotics in other forms like yogurt, pickle, kombucha, and kimchi.

2. Antioxidants

                      Include any type of berries in your diet. All berries are high in antioxidants. And antioxidants have a powerful effect on our health, it helps our body to fight against free radicals (free radicals which are responsible for heart disease, cancer, and other disease). If there is a season of berries try to get a fresh one, or there is off-season than try to get some frozen one. Because frozen berry’s nutritional value is the same.

                    You can consume berries by adding in your oatmeal or smoothies. Or add dry barriers such as goji berries in your granola.

3. Calcium

                    After working in the medical field, I have learned the importance of calcium in our life as a bone health. Because as whatever calcium we eat in our early life will effect our late life. So give extra importance to calcium in your diet. Dairy is a very good source of calcium. Try to include it in your smoothie, or cook your oatmeal in milk in- stand of water.

                    If you are vegan than there are many plant-based milk available that have added calcium in it. Like soy milk or almond milk and make sure to watch label which says calcium added.

4. Greens 

                          Green is a great way to get most of the vitamins and minerals. It also adds the fiber and color to your dish. My go-to green super food is baby spinach but you can use arugula or kale or you can consume microgreens. You can have it in the morning by adding in your smoothie, or add it in your sandwich or have a wrap in lunch or add it in your soup or curry in dinner. Inshort if you want to eat green sky is the limit.

5. Omega 3

                        Omega 3 is an important fatty acid that has so many health benefits like in mantle health, retinal health, brain development of the baby during pregnancy, autoimmune disease and so on. You can get omega 3 from flax seeds, chia seeds, walnut and from many nonveg products also.

                       You can include ground flax seeds in your smoothie, or sprinkle some chia seeds on your oatmeal or have some walnut at snack time.

These are 5 must eat category, these foods you should eat everyday. Which can make your health more healthier.

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