Shortness of breathing during pregnancy

As pregnancy progress to words the delivery, We gain almost 20-25 lb. of weight. And around 40% more blood circulates in our body. That’s why we experience shortness of breathing during pregnancy.

That’s why by doing little exertion or climbing staircase or even long conversation makes you out of your breath.

Shortness of breathing during pregnancy is completely normal during the second and third trimester. Because our heart needs to do a little bit more work to circulate the blood. Or even in the initial phase of pregnancy, you can easily exhaust due to certain hormonal changes.  Hormone like progesterone cause shortness of breathing.

How can I manage it?

  • Maintain a good posture while you are sitting or standing. Hunched posture will not allow room for your lungs to expand when you breathe.
  • Arrange some pillow under your upper body, and it makes comfortable posture while sleeping. It reduces presser on your lungs from the uterus.
  • Don’t overdo. Go easy, whether you exercise, while walking, or doing housework. Take your time, listen to your body.

When should I call a doctor for shortness of breathing?

If your shortness of breathing has started suddenly, or worse, or associate by coughing, palpitation or pain, let your doctor know and consult them.

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