5 amazing benefit of silver usage

Eating in silver utensils is a kind of feeling like a royal family, isn’t it? Of course you are not royalty are you? Use of different metals in the cooking process is an Indian tradition. It seems like our ancestors might new the science behind using different metals in the cooking process. Here I am going to talk about amazing benefits of silver usage.

Silver is a natural mineral, can charge your immune system and help you stay healthy. Research also has shown that consuming silver daily is both safe and effective in boosting and maintaining a healthy immune system. Silver also helps in skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Amazing benefit of silver usage

– Antibiotic and antibacterial property

There are many studies which have scientifically proven that silver has great antibacterial properties. When you serve food in silver utensils, the food can be protected from harmful bacteria.

– Water purification

In ancient times, Handmade pots made out of silver were used to purify and preserve water.

– Boost immunity

When you serve hot food in silver utensil your food gets infused with silver. Due to the antibacterial property of silver your immunity gets strengthen. Now a days many immunity boost supplements contain silver extract.

-Silver is non-toxic

Silver is non-toxic in nature. It can not be oxidized in toxic form. Silver changes color when it reacts with the toxin, that’s why it is used to find out if your food is toxic or not.

-Natural coolant

Silver has great property of reducing body temperature naturally. In Indian culture, parents make silver jewelry for their children, in order to protect their children from heat strokes.

These are the 5 amazing benefit of silver usage. hope you like it !!

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