How to have an amazing day?

I am sure we all have the ability to turn our simple day into an AMAZING DAY. For that, we need to make some routine and make small changes.

Have a morning routine

                       How our morning look like- series of random things to do according to our requirement. But there is no particular routine. And at some time we don’t feel excited to start our day, but if we have a certain routine, we feel organized and at the end, we feel productive too.

  • Start your day with warm beverages (like honey lemon warm water)     
  • Read some newspaper or a few pages of book
  • Fresh up
  • Go for walk
  • Take a shower
  • Meditate or pray 
  • Journaling
  • Have some healthy breakfast

Start writing journal

                     Start writing journal, if you haven’t started. Because it has several benefits and it also makes your mind clear. These are benefits you could achieve,

  • Keep your though organize
  • Set and achieve your goal
  • Make your mind clear about your thoughts
  • Inspire you to be creative 
  • Make you disciplined
  • Improve your communication or writing skill

Make exercise routine

                      Research shows that there is no doubt about physical exercise, which improves your mental health. And if you are not a person who do not like intensive exercise than just go for 10-15 min walk or light exercise such as yoga or stretching.

  • Make your feel energized
  • Lower your mental stress
  • Make you feel happier

Practice gratitude 

                       Be thankful, what you have. Try to express your gratitude every day. Recognize each day as a gift. When we know we have to write down for what we are grateful, we actually start to look for it, as you write down all that you are grateful for, negative feelings dissolve as happier feelings rise-up.


                        If you are not a meditator, it might be strange at the beginning. But as you practice it regularly you more become mindful for everything, more focused, and aware of the present moment. Just start with 5 minutes a day.

You can meditate by,

  • Focus on your breath
  • Chanting
  • Mindful pray

Try (to learn) something new

                         Our life is design to learn something, our mind is so curious every time. We should learn something new at regular interval. Trying something new can be really exciting. Give ourselves a chance. For example, learn new courses, try a new hobby like photography, play a new game, or go for a hike. A new hobby can be a stress reliever. It helps us break out of our normal patterns of behavior. It gives our brains something to think about other than our daily worries.

Self care routine

                        In your busy day, don’t forget your self. Have some pamper routine for your self like, have some relaxing time, play your favorite music, read your favorite book, have a bubble bath, play your favorite game, etc..

Spend time with your loved one

                         Spending some time with your family or friends can be stress relevant. By sharing a meal with them or talking about your day can really help in strengthen your relationships, aware of mutual needs and reduce stress.

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