Tips to recover from sickness to health

In today’s time every one understands that it is important to stay healthy but things often gets out of control. Because of that we end up falling sick, get life threatening disease in early age, children get disease from their childhood. Few might be due to  their genetic, atmosphere of surrounding, but it can also be because of childhood lifestyle. Here I am sharing tips to move from sickness to health.

It is really important to stay away from sickness and stay healthy. For that we need to make few lifestyle modification.

Most of the people suffers from lifestyle disease. Disease cause by poor lifestyle that is 100% reversible by adopting healthier lifestyle.

To move from sickness to health


           Staying active is very important. At least 30 minute walk a day makes your life 30% healthier. Don’t be lazy for your own sack, be consistence, have some discipline. Don’t give excuses to your self, start from today if you haven’t started yet. You can do some light exercise if you are not the person who like heavy weight training then do some yoga, Pilates or go for outdoor game.

Quality sleep

          People were always taught to get minimum 8 hours of sleep. But no one talks about quality of sleep. If you will not feel fresh or energized in morning after 8-9 hours sleep, that isn’t worth it and if you had just 5-6 hours of sleep but you feel fresh and energized, that more valualbe for your body (learn how to get quality sleep).

           Research shows that poor quality sleep has immediate effect on you mental health, hormones, brain function, cancer, low immunity and autoimmune disease.

Early dinner

           As long as we can find our ancestors were used to get their last meal before sunset. Don’t know what was the purpose behind that. But today when we look into their pattern it makes sense. Eating early gives enough time to your digestive system to digest and absorb the nutrients from food.

           Some people eat dinner at 10:00 P.M. and get into bed by 10:30 P.M. due to that they have so many digestive issue like, indigestion, high blood pressure, high blood sugar  and many more.

            We need discipline in our life. Try to eat around 7:00 P.M. Because of that your blood sugar level will stay normal, your sleep quality will improve, you feel more energized.

Healthy diet

         You are what you eat. Eating wholesome food is what your body needs to get all nutrients. Keep your meal simple and basic, don’t make it to complicated. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily life. Also make sure to chew your food because digestion process starts form your oral cavity.


           Stress is all people live with. People think they need to live with stress, I say no you don’t have to. You have to learn, accept and let go. You can relive stress by some regime, If you are religious person, then you can do some chanting, pranayama, or pray. Also you can do by learning something new like dance, or leaning piano, etc..


            Sugar is a sweet poison. Having 1 Tbsp. a day fine. Too much sugar is neither good for your body nor good for your mind. Eating lots of refined sugars can lead to headache, low energy levels, inflammation.

             Cutting down sugar from you diet will likely decrease inflammation, boost your energy level, and improve you ability to focus.


How to fast,

Eating early dinner (around 6 P.M. -7 P.M.)


fast for 12 hours


wake up


eat breakfast if you are hungry and don’t if you are not


extend your fast

              We tend to eat constantly, snacks by snacks. Eating healthier snack constantly doesn’t mean you will be healthier too. You will get healthier when you built beautiful fasting system for your self.

There is no magic pill or any shortcuts, which keeps you healthy. Learn more about fasting (Intermittent fasting).

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