Inflammation, play an important role in our health

Inflammation, you think you can ignore it when you think about your health. No. Inflammation is a serious process which is responsible for so many serious illnesses. Now you know that Inflammation causes illnesses it will play an important role in our health. Keeping inflammation in check is a key to staying healthy. Serious disease…

Is breakfast an important meal of the day??

Lots of studies have been published over the years about breakfast, that it is an important meal of the day. Well! There is a myth behind it. Often people think breakfast should be eaten in the morning whether you are hungry or not. Well let me tell this, you should only eat in the morning…

Weight control during pregnancy

During pregnancy we want every thing to be perfect for our self and our growing baby. We google about so many things like what is the best food? how we can get maximum nutrients? and so on, but in the end we end up eating everything. That’s why weight control during pregnancy is very important….

Why you should not reuse the deep fried oil??

Everyone loves to eat deep-fried food. People eat deep-fried food just for pleasure without thinking about their health. Deep-fried food can be good if you cook it right way and it is only possible if you use high smoking oil. Today I am going to tell you, why you should not reuse the deep-fried oil….

Why you should have early dinner???

People are choosing to live their lives in a healthy way. With lifestyle modification like a healthy diet, exercise and sleep, they have made their life better. Everyone should also pay attention to the time of dinner. Studies have proven that when you eat is as important as what you eat. Having early dinner plays an important…