Why you should not reuse the deep fried oil??

Everyone loves to eat deep-fried food. People eat deep-fried food just for pleasure without thinking about their health. Deep-fried food can be good if you cook it right way and it is only possible if you use high smoking oil. Today I am going to tell you, why you should not reuse the deep-fried oil.

You should know reusing deep-fried oil is dangerous. Unknowingly you are inviting so many diseases and illnesses.

Disease caused by reheating food or oil

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Inflammatory disease like Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease  

                One study found following toxins effects reheating of food or oil. Aldehydes in liver disease, embryotoxicity/teratogenicity, diabetes/hypertension, sclerosing peritonitis, cerebral ischemia/neurodegenerative diseases, and other aging-associated diseases.

Why we are doing this?

We might doing this because of excess food or we cooked in batches for a whole week to save time and money.

Which oil we should not reheat?

Olive oil, sunflower oil, and flaxseed oil are dangerous to reheat and produce toxic Aldehyde upon reheating. Some of the cold press oil which specially contain Omega-3 such as flaxseed oil, soyabean oil, and canola oil should not be reheated. Reheating oil breaks down Omega-3’s molecular pattern so no nutrients left after re-heating.

Why reheating is bad?

Due to constant reheating oil you might notice it looks like blackish, also you will notice black particles and smoke. And this stuff slowly kill’s us.

             When we reheat our food, we make it Carcinogenic. And carcinogen have a chance to produce cancer. Research shows that aldehydes (toxic substance) is produced as a result of dehydration of fatty acids in the oil.

             It produces free radicals, which means inflammation, which means less immunity. This is the reason when someone is sick we make dietary changes like the quality of our food.

              When we reheat our food we alter the molecular structure of food and molecular structure of oil turns into trans fat.

How to make changes?

        – Start eating home-cooked food. For example, If you want to eat French fries, make it at home with the right oil which has a high smoking point and you know that you are not going to reuse the oil.

        – Make right choice of oil for certain cooking processes. For example, use peanut oil or canola oil for deep frying. Because of their high smoking point, these two oils remains stable throughout your frying process.

       – Cook your food in small quantities, only cook for what you consume. Do not cook in batches.

Now each time when you eat re-fried food, you are putting toxicity in your body, because of this you are prone to develop inflammation in future. You are not going to fall sick or die in just month or 10, it’s an accumulative process. There is best quote for this “simple interest will not kill you but compound interest definitely will”. By affecting angiogenesis, and producing inflammation, we invite decease such as alzheimer’s, cancer, heart attack, and stroke.

Do not reheat this foods,

  • White rice
  • High protein food, chicken, egg
  • Food contains NITRATE, like spinach, carrot, turnip, and celery.
  • Potato
  • Mushroom

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