Weight control during pregnancy

During pregnancy we want every thing to be perfect for our self and our growing baby. We google about so many things like what is the best food? how we can get maximum nutrients? and so on, but in the end we end up eating everything. That’s why weight control during pregnancy is very important.

People around us will also encourage us to eat for two people (one for you and one for little one), but gaining too much weight while pregnant can raise the risk for C-section, premature birth, and other complications.

I was in the same situation during my pregnancy, I also ended up gaining extra weight. Also my OBG doctor warn me about all the risks of being obese and advise me to pay attention and control my weight.

So I decided to control my weight but at the same time I didn’t wanted to deprive my baby from nutrition.

I had to make certain changes in my diet. I am a vegetarian so I need to pay extra attention on my protein intake as well.

How much weight is normal to gain during pregnancy ?

Well, it depends on your pre-pregnancy weight. According to guideline, pregnant women should gain around 25-35 pound during whole pregnancy. If your pre-pregnancy weight is slightly underweight than you have to gain little more and if you were over weight than gain little less.

What changes we can make to control our weight?

1. Choose complex carb over simple carb

                        Make a wise choice in selection of your food. Carbs are made up with fiber, starch and sugar. Try to avoid simple carbohydrate like, breakfast cereals, soda, fruit juices made up from concentrate, and packaged food. Also try to have complex carbohydrate like, fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and whole grains.

2. Eat small frequent meal

                       Current guideline says, pregnant women should eat 340 extra calories in a day during her 2nd trimester and 450 extra calories in 3rd trimester. Do this only when you have started your pregnancy at healthy weight.

                        Focus on small and frequent meals that are high in protein, such as fruits and vegetables. Eat snacks in-between.

3. Active for at least 30 min a day

                        Walking is most valuable thing you can do during your pregnancy. Start walking early in your pregnancy, so you get used to it. It maintains your weight and also eases out certain pain and aches of pregnancy.

4. Drink up water

                         It is important to avoid dehydration during pregnancy. It also helps you to satisfy your hunger. Some nutritionist say, pregnant women should drink 10 to 8 ounces of water in a day. You can also observe your urine color; if it is dark colored or cloudy, your body needs more fluid. Drinking plenty of fluid also ease your constipation during pregnancy.

5. Make your craving constructive

                         No one expect you to avoid french fries and ice cream while you are pregnant. The key is to satisfy your hunger with protein and healthy fats that you and your baby needs.

                         If you really crave, than combine healthy snack with little less healthy item, like this if you crave for chips and salsa than take chips topped with beans, cheese, salsa and add some slices of avocado. This is how you can satisfy your craving and also reach your nutritional goal.

What are the risk factor to gain to much weight

  1. Less accurate ultrasound
  2. Gestational diabetes
  3. High blood pressure
  4. Having big baby
  5. Obesity 

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