Is breakfast an important meal of the day??

Lots of studies have been published over the years about breakfast, that it is an important meal of the day. Well! There is a myth behind it.

Often people think breakfast should be eaten in the morning whether you are hungry or not. Well let me tell this, you should only eat in the morning if you are hungry.

Breakfast word itself says, Break Your Fast.

So eat your first meal whenever you get hungry after your overnight fast. You don’t have to eat in the morning. If you are not hungry in the morning that means your body is still in cleaning up mode in which DetoxificationCell GrowthCell Repair processes are happening. And when your body needs food it will be in the building phase, so it will ask you for food through appetite. Your appetite is high when you are hungry and it goes down when your stomach is full.

This explains the science behind the “INTERMITTENT FASTING”. Listen to your body and work with it not against.

What to do with the children?

When your children don’t want their breakfast, don’t stuff their mouth just give them heavy snacks or heavy dinner. Don’t force-feed your child.

Make a good breakfast choice

  • High-fiber cereal with fresh fruit and low-fat milk/soy/rice milk substitute. (Buy here, Buy here)
  • Low-fat protein shake with fresh/frozen fruits. (But here)
  • High-fiber toast or bagel with a tablespoon of peanut butter. (Buy here)
  • Select protein bar with yogurt or a glass of milk. (Buy here)

Where do we make a mistake?

– When you are hungry and you are extremely busy with your work, you end up not eating for longer period of time. I advice against it because you might get highly acidic.

– Emotional hunger; when you have stress, you just binge eating whatever you have around. Be aware.

I have given you enough reasons that breakfast is not an important meal of the day.

So it is simple, eat your breakfast only if you are hungry. Do not eat if you are not!

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