My experiance at New Hampshire

Hey Guys,hope you all are doing well. So today’s blog is based on my recent trip, New Hampshire.

New Hampshire, located in north America, We have been there for couple of days and we had so much fun. We were there to see a fall colors.


New Hampshire know for it’s fall color and white mountain, which is known for sport activity.

We flew from Orlando so we reached there by plane, It was 3 hours flight, and we planed this trip 2 months ago so we found very good deal on flight and cabin as well. Yes, we had rented a cabin and it was surrounded by greens and it was super cozy. It was great experience to spent our precious times there. I highly recommended to rent a cabin rather than staying at hotel.

On our very first day, we went to Mt. Washington Auto Road. A eight-mile scenic road that leads to the top of Mount Washington, the highest peak in the Northeast. Drive yourself or take a 2 hour guided tour in company vans or by cog railway.

20180928_173050The scenic view was worth to drive up to 6288 Ft above from the ground. The view was breath taking and air was so freezeing (recommmended to bring some jacket, cap and hand shocks as well).


We were all surrounded by clouds. It looked like cloudy river flow behind me, the view was such mesmerize.


There were other two places, one was The Tip-Top House is a historic former hotel in Mount Washington State Park, built in 1853, it is the oldest surviving building in the summit area of Mount Washington and second one was summit station for cog railway, it is the world’s first mountain climbing railway and there is museum at top.

Then we drew down and had dinner at Indian restaurant called ‘Shalimar’, food  was super yummy, if you love to eat Indian cuisine I highly recommended to visit there.

On day 2, we desided to visit kancamagus highway. The Kancamagus Highway is a 34.5 mile scenic drive along NH 112. which is well known as one of the best Fall Foliage viewing areas in the country.


The view was really breath taking. On the road you can see various locations like rivers, water falls, historical bridge, lacks and so on. On the trees you can also see various shades of colors from green to brown. we felt like we were at heaven, such nice place to visit specially during foliage.

We had few spots in Kancamagus highway.

  •  Sabbaday Falls


  • Lower Falls 


  •  Albany bridge


  •  Lost River


So that’s all from New Hamshire. Have you been there do share your experience with me.And if you’re planning to visit and have any questions, you can ask me and catch me on Instagram. Hope you enjoyed the post. Have a great week you guys.

Thank you


Minal Viradia